A downloadable tool

Say hi to Minimator.pdx, a small creation tool for Playdate that let you build crisp artworks using only lines and quarter circles. Inspired directly by Minimator.app and adapted for the 1-bit screen of the Playdate.

  • Add lines and quarter circles, that's it!
  • Export your artworks to gif
  • Crank to Undo


Minimator.pdx.zip 64 kB


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Hey there! Excited to try this out but I think I may be missing something; I can't seem to figure out how to actually make any lines! On my playdate none of the buttons or crank actually seem to do anything.

I discovered this app today and I had the same issue at first. But I found out that if you have the crank out, you can't draw ! Just try to put the crank back and it's work like a charm :)