Post Ludum Dare Update

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback about JobOS so far. It feels always incredible when people play and enjoy your submission.

Usually after a Jam I tend to not update a game except few tweaks here and there but this time I took some time to add a key feature. At some point in the game the player has to code a game which is a fun idea in itself. One comment I saw a couple of time is that people hope to actually play the game at the end. They didn't really expect it so I don't think nobody was disappointed about not playing the game they fake-coded but it is would have been some kind of nice surprise.

As you expect, this is exactly what I added in the update of the game. I took the source code of a previous game I did (Void) and patch it in the game, create a special fake window for it... et voila

It was actually way easier that I thought because lua and Löve2d are quite flexible. I just had to clean up few line of codes in the game, call the update and render from the window system I've created for JobOS and it basically worked.

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Version 9 Dec 11, 2017 3 MB
Version 2 Dec 11, 2017 7 MB
Version 9 Dec 11, 2017

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