A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You control Henry... sort of. Just set the jump of the character and watch Henry trying to reach the exit on its own. He will jump, bump, break crates and fall into lava and sometimes reach the exit.

Henry will keep jumping the same way when he touches a wall or the ground. Set a big jump and he will do massive jumps all around. Set a small jump and he might not be able to pass obstacles. Find the right balance for each level.


  • Use the mouse to set the jump.
  • Press Space to restart the level
  • Press escape to exit
  • Press 'e' to toggle screen effect
  • Press 'f' to fast forward gameplay
  • Press 'n' to go to the next level
  • Press 'p' to go to the previous level

Cheat Code

Type "nnnnnnnnnnnnnn" to go directly to the end of the game. 🤷


Try to exit a level with at least 10 coins, can you do it on every level?

Made for the GMTK Jam 2020

The game was developed in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2020. The theme was "Out of Control". I wanted a game where it would be fun just to watch the game unfolding without being able to interact, similar to games like Peggle or Holedown. How does this type of gameplay would work for a game more like a platformer which usually need tight responsive controls.

Assets Used

Software Used


hectic-henry-win.zip 4 MB
Version 2 Jul 20, 2020
hectic-henry-mac.zip 6 MB
Version 2 Jul 20, 2020
HecticHenry.love 624 kB
Version 2 Jul 20, 2020

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