A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Can you save the world in only one second?

It's your first day on the job, and a huge meteor is heading straight for Earth - impact in one second!

Use the controls in your ship to slow down time and find a way to stop that meteor!

Made for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam in just 48 hours.


Code by Nic Magnier - twitter

Art by Arthur Hamer - twitter - websiteitch.io page

SFX by Jason Walsh - twitter - website

Music by G.H. Steinberg - soundcloud


Chronodog Windows (Jam build) 35 MB
Chronodog Mac (Jam build) 42 MB
Chronodog (Source) 32 MB

Development log


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Great game, love-d it. All kidding aside, I didn't know there was a game engine called LÖVE. Something that was a bit confusing though, was the keypad with all of the buttons. Perhaps you can better link the drawing to it.

Really cool! I love the art style, and the dog is sooo cute. Please, make a follow-up or spin-off :D

Really cool game, great idea! Made an account on itch.io just to comment :)

Thank you so much :D

Awesome game

Tried writing sudo rm -rf but didn't work 0/10

JK, I love everything about this game!

Really fun ! Kinda stressful at the beginning (because one second ^^) but time is less an issue as the game goes one and i can appreciate that :)

I had one small issue when playing (not sure if this is intended or not): the left blue arrow on step 2 was out of the screen on my machine and i had to click outside (but it worked) :D

Thanks for the kind feedback :)

The left arrow is not visible on purpose to let you start interacting with some puzzle but not be able to solve them yet (yeah it's mean :p) but you can indeed click on the blackbars to interact with stuff earlier. That's not by design it's just a bug I put on the side to focus on other stuff.

Love this game, actually replayed it because it was so fun. A nice and quick puzzler, definitely takes a few tries but it's totally worth it.

What a wonderful game :) thank you. Clever, funny, dog related.. what else can one want? 

Great sense of humour! :D I enjoyed this.