A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Can you save the world in only one second?

It's your first day on the job, and a huge meteor is heading straight for Earth - impact in one second!

Use the controls in your ship to slow down time and find a way to stop that meteor!

Made for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam in just 48 hours.


Code by Nic Magnier - twitter

Art by Arthur Hamer - twitter - websiteitch.io page

SFX by Jason Walsh - twitter - website

Music by G.H. Steinberg - soundcloud


Chronodog Windows (Jam build) 35 MB
Chronodog Mac (Jam build) 42 MB
Chronodog (Source) 32 MB

Development log


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Very cool game, Reminds me of please don't touch anything

Well, this was extremely overwhelming and fun! I wonder, are there any secrets I may have missed?


I demand you make a secret ending where typing in del_earth  makes the earth dissapear.


and maybe another one where you can delete yourself.

This won't get past the splash screen on my Mac :(

You don't even see the comic strip explaining the story? What happens exactly? Do you have a black screen? Can you hear music?

What mac model are you using?

MacBook Pro on OS 10.14.6

Its just the splash screen (same image as your itch) and it stays there.

Great game, love-d it. All kidding aside, I didn't know there was a game engine called LÖVE. Something that was a bit confusing though, was the keypad with all of the buttons. Perhaps you can better link the drawing to it.

Really cool! I love the art style, and the dog is sooo cute. Please, make a follow-up or spin-off :D

Really cool game, great idea! Made an account on itch.io just to comment :)

Thank you so much :D

Awesome game

Tried writing sudo rm -rf but didn't work 0/10

JK, I love everything about this game!

Really fun ! Kinda stressful at the beginning (because one second ^^) but time is less an issue as the game goes one and i can appreciate that :)

I had one small issue when playing (not sure if this is intended or not): the left blue arrow on step 2 was out of the screen on my machine and i had to click outside (but it worked) :D

Thanks for the kind feedback :)

The left arrow is not visible on purpose to let you start interacting with some puzzle but not be able to solve them yet (yeah it's mean :p) but you can indeed click on the blackbars to interact with stuff earlier. That's not by design it's just a bug I put on the side to focus on other stuff.

Love this game, actually replayed it because it was so fun. A nice and quick puzzler, definitely takes a few tries but it's totally worth it.

What a wonderful game :) thank you. Clever, funny, dog related.. what else can one want? 

Great sense of humour! :D I enjoyed this.