A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The goal of the game is to find out what lays at the bottom of this dungeon. Use your bow to defeat enemies and light up your path.

Use the teleporters to go back to the start in order to refill your arrows and upgrade your gears using the coins you have found. Descent again to progress even further and maybe even find some more extra coins.


- WASD (or arrow keys) to move and jump

- Mouse to aim the bow

- Hold and release the mouse button to shoot an arrow

- Mouse button to buy when you are next to a shop


- Skeletons might have the bad idea to die on fire in a tight corridor and block your progress :(

- You can still buy item that were already purchased before and lose unnecessary money

- If you buy first the Awesome quiver and after buy the (smaller) bigger quiver your maximum number of arrows will decrease

Tools used

- Engine Löve https://love2d.org

- Framework Lieb https://github.com/NicMagnier/lieb

- Sound effects Bfxr https://www.bfxr.net/

- Typeface monogram https://datagoblin.itch.io/monogram


foolsdescent-win.zip 4 MB
Version 5 Apr 26, 2021
foolsdescent-mac.zip 7 MB
Version 5 Apr 26, 2021
TheFoolsDescent.love 852 kB
Version 4 Apr 25, 2021